Adding integrity to an Excel based quote process


We have a client who needed to track sales quotes, who did them, how much, the status, etc. They were using Excel and emailing the files to each other. They liked the layout they were using, it was just too hard to keep track of all the quotes.

Because everyone connected to the network through a VPN, we proposed a SQL Server database and modifying their existing Excel workbook to transmit data to/from the database. We created a separate Excel workbook to summarize the quotes.

We also made the Excel workbook query their existing ERP system to retrieve the latest product lists. Adding dropdown lists and formatting to prompt the user to enter all required data. We added a feature to save the data in Excel for the times they may not be connected to the VPN. The next time they connect, the data is saved to the database.

During this project, the client’s team requested other enhancements (like hierarchical product list, Alternative Product Names, revised formulas to track distance to customer, etc.) which we made.

By automating the quote process, we saved our client time when the quotes were created, quality of the quotes because we used the latest pricing and accurately tracking the quotes for follow up.

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