Will Excel go away?


I was recently asked whether Excel was going away. Now, I’m not a Microsoft mind reader but… here’s why I think Excel is here for a long while.

Excel is too easy to use for it to go away. Most people can create a spreadsheet that reflects their business needs. That’s why IT & programmers hate it. The users don’t necessarily have the skills for organizing the data flow or automating the process over multiple clients, time periods or products.

That’s where we come in. We can convert the model to a template, automate date retrieval and create code to export it in a variety of ways. Is the data in a database we can get to? We’ll create the links needed to automate the refresh. Need to add extra information, we’ll protect the cells except for the user inputs. Need the data sliced by Supervisor and emailed to them? Done.

If a process gets standardized, only then is it a candidate for an App replacing it. Over the years I’ve had many people showing me the App they use that does most of what they need, and when it doesn’t, they dump the data into Excel!

So, create a workbook that exactly fits your business, then contact us to make it even easier to use.

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