Talon’s specialization is in Microsoft Excel. We customize and automate templates for companies using Excel to make their day-to-day, week-to-week or month-to-month tasks easier. We do this by writing custom formulas, custom formatting, VBA code or connecting to databases. Talon was incorporated in 1994 when we saw trends away from the one-man organization. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner.

We have extensive experience using Excel as a window to data, whether it exists in SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Access or most other databases. Our clients have been pleased by the interactivity of the reports we created, reports that can be ‘drilled into’ and shuffled around, giving the user new insights into their data. We use standard, structured programming techniques that are flexible to modify and easy to maintain.

Using Office as a development platform allows us to rapidly create solutions for you in an interface the users are familiar with. This lowers training cost and has the added benefit of giving the users an easy way to get information for ad-hoc reports and presentations (i.e. Excel to PowerPoint), without having to come back to the developers for program modifications. Our projects work in Office 2010 – 2019 & 365.

Here are some of the things we do with Excel:

  • Training, we like to use your workbooks to make the training more relevant.
  • Use it as frontend to work with data in almost any kind of database.
  • We can help with Planning, Forecasting and Post Promotion analysis.
  • Structure Excel templates to insure data integrity when reading or writing to databases.
  • Work with HR departments for employee reviews and project tracking.
  • Make Excel talk to other programs like Word, Outlook or PowerPoint.
  • Automate those routine reports you have to update every Day/Week/Month.
  • Just make Excel easier to use. So… please forward this to anyone who you think could use our services.