Supporting your growing business


Here’s a situation we run into with our client. Someone builds a model in Excel and it works great. Time goes by and the business grows. That single workbook gets copied for the new customer/division/business unit. Quite a bit of manual work is needed to make it work with the new data. Then another is added, and another. It’s great to grow!

Now we have multiple versions of similar workbooks that need to be manually updated. And what about an overall number? Linking those workbooks is error prone.

We’ve helped companies like this organize their data, keep common lists in one place and reduce the time spent maintaining the file for each change in your business.

 Here are some of the things we do with Excel:

  • Training, we like to use your workbooks to make the training more relevant.
  • Use it as frontend to work with data in almost any kind of database.
  • We can help with Planning, Forecasting and Post Promotion analysis.
  • Structure Excel templates to ensure data integrity when reading or writing to databases.
  • Work with HR departments for employee reviews and project tracking.
  • Make Excel talk to other programs like Word, Outlook or PowerPoint.
  • Automate those routine reports you have to update every Day/Week/Month.
  • Just make Excel easier to use.

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